My name is Sang K. Jun and I am a Veteran Certified Dental Technician with over 42 years of clinical practice in this field.

I am the founder of Yewon Dental Laboratory in Monterey, CA.

I am also a professional photographer specializing in landscape and portraits.

I apprenticed under world renowned ceramist Willi Gellar, who, along with many others, inspired me. I have developed and refined many techniques to achieve a higher level of excellence in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry.

I have presented lecture and hands-on workshops internationally to share my unique methodologies and I have published numerous articles in dental publications. I serve as an editorial board member for JCD (Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry) by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Over the last two decades I have focused on cosmetic dentistry, helping people with a smile make over, restoring confidence in their appearance with a naturally beautiful smile.

Member of
Western Photographer’s Association
Photo Artists Society of Korea
Center for Photographic Art LELA (Lantern of the East, Los Angeles)

Selected Exhibitions
Group Exhibition – International Jeweled Exhibition (Carmel Photographic Art, Carmel, CA) 7.25.2015
Permanent Collection (Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI) 9.19.2014
The 14th Photo Exhibition (Carson City Hall, CA) 5.21.2013
Group Exhibition (Seoul, Korea) 2.20-27.2013
Korean-American Day Group Exhibition (Western Gallery, Los Angeles, CA) 1.9-18.2013
Solo Exhibition (InDang Museum, Daegu Health College, Korea) 10.8-19.2012
LELA Group Exhibitions (Los Angeles, CA) 6.16-7.15.2012
Solo Exhibition (Western Gallery, Los Angeles, CA) 1.20-28.2012
Korean-American Day Group Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA) 1.9-18.2012
LELA Group Exhibitions (Los Angeles, CA) 12.15-30.2011